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Every Pokemon In Founja Jungle (Night) & Where To Find Them

New Pokemon Snap’s Founja Jungle (Night) course is very similar to the daytime variant, although there are one or two big differences.

The Founja Jungle (Night) course is the fifth that players will get to explore in New Pokemon Snap and will become available once they have reached research level 2 in the daytime variant. The vast majority of Pokemon that players will encounter here are the same ones that show up during the daytime, although there are one or two new ones and many of the existing ones behave a little differently too.

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In total, there are 18 different Pokemon to photograph in the course, some of which won’t show up until after players have reached research level 2. Much like the Jungle (Day) course, there are two alternate routes, both of which are unlocked in exactly the same way. There’s also a legendary Pokemon once players have completed the game and interacting with it in a certain way will cause it to appear in the daytime course.

Every Pokemon In Founja Jungle (Night)

A complete map of the Founja Jungle (Night) course in New Pokemon Snap

Research Level 1

  • Morelull – There are Morelull absolutely everywhere in the Jungle Night (Course), but the best place to snap a photograph of one is near the beginning as the NEO ONE gets pretty close to them.
  • Liepard – Much like in the Jungle (Day) course, Liepard can be found virtually everywhere in many of the same spots as before.
  • Arbok – It’s a little easier to get a decent photo of Arbok than it was earlier in the day, although obstructive foliage can still be a problem. At higher research levels though, one will be hanging out of a tree near the beginning of the course, making it very easy to get a good shot of it.
  • Bounsweet – Bounsweet show up in quite a few different places, although the best spot to get a photo is in the Ariados’ web when playing at higher research levels.
  • Ariados – Players will likely have noticed the web in the Jungle (Day) course and can now finally meet its occupant. At one point, some Bounsweet will land in the web and waking the Ariados with Fluffruit will allow players to get four-star photos of both Pokemon.
  • Metapod – There are a few Metapod stuck on a tree on the left hand side of the track near the beginning of the course.
  • Yanmega – Yanmega typically show up near bodies of water, so the swamp and waterfall areas are the best places to see one.
  • Ledian – Ledian are stuck to many trees throughout the course, although players can hit them with an Illumina Orb to get them to fly around a little.
  • Toucannon – If players don’t take the swamp route, there’s a Toucannon up in a tree over on the right. There’s also some on the left hand side as players pass over the ancient ruins and hitting the nearby Crystabloom with an Illumina Orb will create a great photo opportunity.
  • Pikipek – There’s a Pikipek sleeping in a tree hollow just before the ancient ruins, although it can be woken with a well-placed Fluffruit if players want a slightly better picture.
  • Wooper – There’s a Wooper down below players as they pass over the ancient ruins section and they also show up down by the waterfall as well as behind it.
  • Quagsire – Quagsire also likes to hang out down by the waterfall, although it’s now a little less animated than it was earlier on in the day.
  • Magikarp – Magikarp can once again be found flapping around by the waterfall, although getting a decent picture will once again be difficult due to how far away they are.

Research Level 2

  • Leafeon – Leafeon will show up right at the start of the course and will walk in front of the NEO ONE through to the very end. If players take the route behind the waterfall, they’ll again be able to get some nice shots of it; this time kicking back with a pair of sleeping Swampert.
  • Swampert – There’s a Swampert in the swamp which can be woken up with the help of Leafeon. Players will need to hit Leafeon with a Fluffruit near the entrance to the swamp route and then use the Melody Player to make some Ariados drop down and scare it.
  • Slaking – Slaking has now woken up and can be found coming out of the thick grass near the swamp. It’s difficult to get a shot from the front, although if players use turbo they should be able to get ahead of it just as it is emerging.
  • Vivillon – Vivillon can be found flying around towards the very end of the course.

End Game

  • Mew – In order to find Mew, players will first need to complete the game. After doing so, it will show up if players turn around immediately after beginning the course. They’ll need to hit it with Fluffruit twice near the beginning, once near the swamp and a final time right in front of the ancient ruins. Doing so will lead to Mew flying right up into the player’s face as they approach the waterfall and also cause the Pokemon to show up in the Jungle (Day) course as well.

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