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Every Pokemon In Sweltering Sands (Night) & Where To Find Them

There are 14 different Pokemon to find in New Pokemon Snap’s Sweltering Sands (Night) course, most of which are fairly easy to photograph.

Once players have reached research level 2 in the Sands (Day) course in New Pokemon Snap, Professor Mirror will ask them to return to the area again at night to snap a picture of a glowing Crystabloom. Not much changes really, with many of the same Pokemon showing up, although there are two that can only be found in this version of the course. Assuming that players have already gotten photos of everything in the Sands (Day) course, they’ll only have to worry about getting pictures of Sandshrew, Kangaskhan and Minior, all of which can be encountered almost immediately at research level 1.

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There is no research level 3 for Sands (Night), so players will only have to make it to research level 2 in order to see all of the course’s 14 Pokemon. Sadly, there’s no end game content added after players have completed New Pokemon Snap, although this does mean that players can move on and  forget about the course as soon as they’ve photographed its three unique Pokemon. That said, there are some great photo opportunities due to the lighting and so those looking for the very best pictures may want to spend a bit more time exploring.

Every Pokemon In Sweltering Sands (Night)

A complete map of the Sweltering Sands (Night) course in New Pokemon Snap

Research Level 1

  • Trapinch – There are a few Trapinch right at the beginning of the course as well as one buried in the ground near the oasis where Kangaskhan hangs out. If players take the alternate route later on, there’s also a few in a crater and one sleeping behind a Hippowdon.
  • Skorupi shows up in the opening section and is fairly easy to find, although there’s an extra one hidden beneath a sleeping Onix if players take the alternate route that unlocks at research level 2.
  • Sandshrew – A few Sandshrew roll past at the beginning of the course, but they do so pretty quickly. Players are therefore better off waiting until later as they show up in each of the course’s four sections.
  • Minior – There are loads of Minior buried in the sand in the opening section. Players can perform a scan to find their exact locations and then hit them with Illumina Orbs to make them pop out. If they’re able to find all of them (including the two that appear after lighting the three Crytsablooms and the one that hits Skorupi), they’ll get a special scene as they pass over the big dune into the second part of the course.
  • Cacnea – Two Cacnea show up near the start of the course and another one can be found in the final section near all of the Onix.
  • Kangaskhan – Kangaskhan can be spotted on a dune over on the left of the starting area. Another will show up by the oasis near where players find Torchic during the daytime.
  • Lycanroc – There are quite a few Lycanroc hanging around in the middle section of the course around the oasis.
  • Mandibuzz – Players can get a photo of Mandibuzz on their right as they enter the second section of the course. It’s in pretty much the exact same spot as where Lycanroc is first seen during the daytime.
  • Magikarp – There’s a Magikarp swimming about in the water right by Kangaskhan in the middle section of the course.
  • Hippowdon – A Hippowdon can be found buried in the sand as players enter the final section and there are a few of them sleeping if players take the alternate route at research level 2 (scan immediately after entering the second section).
  • Onix – Much like the daytime course, there are a ton of Onix hanging out in the final section of the course. Two of them are sleeping on top of other Pokemon, one of which is the elusive Green Minior. Players can use the Melody Player to wake them, although they’ll need to be fairly close for it to work.

Research Level 2

  • Silicobra – Silicobra appears directly in front of the player as they begin the course. It disappears quickly, but will show up again on the player’s right a few moments later.
  • Flygon – Flygon can be seen flying into the level on the player’s right when they first enter the course. If players then take the alternate route, they’ll be able to find it buried in the crater where the two Trapinch were earlier in the day. As with those Trapinch, players will have to hit it with a Fluffruit in order to make it come out. After doing so, hitting it with an Illumina Orb can have some interesting effects.
  • Tyranitar – Much like finding Flygon in the daytime version of the course, players will need to stop a sand storm if they want to see Tyranitar in Sands (Night). They can do this by taking the alternate route and then hitting the Crystabloom that’s off in the distance with an Illumina Orb. It’s not the easiest shot, but is far from impossible.

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