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Everything You Need to Know About Childe/Tartaglia’s Banner

Tartaglia’s full introduction as a playable Genshin Impact character comes with a dedicated Banner, Farewell of Snezhnaya, increasing his pull rate.

Tartaglia, also known by his nickname “Childe,” has finally released with the Version 1.1 update to Genshin Impact, and players currently have an increased chance to pull him from the Farewell of Snezhnaya Banner for the next few weeks. He’s a member of the Fatui with a unique playstyle, making him an incredible addition to the player’s party, but there are a few things players should know before spending Wishes on him.

Is it a coincidence that the Harbingers of Fatui’s eleventh member, Tartaglia, gets his own dedicated Banner with the 1.1 update on November 11th? Tartaglia is the first Fatui member that players can recruit to their teams, but according to the Unreconciled Stars Event art, it doesn’t look like he’ll be the last. Still, with the ability to switch stances between archery and melee, the Childe is one of the most unique Hydo characters on the current Genshin Impact roster.

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How Long Does Childe’s Banner Last?

Currently, all character-featured Banners last approximately three weeks, as was seen with both Venti’s Banner and Klee’s Sparkling Steps Banner. Because Tartaglia’s Farewell of Snezhnaya Banner began with the 1.1 update on November 11th, it is set to expire on December 1st, so players will have 20 days in total to make Wishes on the Childe’s Banner to get him or any of the four-stars with rates up in this window.

Tartaglia Pull Rates

Genshin Impact Childe Looking Disappointed

Genshin Impact can be somewhat misleading when it comes to pulling five-stars on character-featured Banners. After clicking “Details” on the Farewell of Snezhnaya Banner, the game will inform the player that the percentage of pulling a five-star character is 50% while pulling a four-star character is also 50%, but this isn’t quite the case.

Tartaglia’s Banner operates similarly to both Venti’s and Klee’s Banners, and this trend will likely continue with future Genshin Impact Banners unless MiHoYo decides to change the algorithm to be more forgiving. The true rate of pulling any rare five-star character is 0.6%. If the player successfully pulls a five-star character, that currently has a 50% of being Tartaglia.

While the rates of obtaining a five-star via Wishing is pretty brutal, Genshin Impact does include a pity system, and luckily, Wishes that count towards the pity do roll over from the past character-featured Banners. The pity system for the gacha guarantees that a five-star will be pulled on the 90th Wish if one hasn’t been pulled already. For the current Banner, if that five-star isn’t Tartaglia, the next pity pull is guaranteed to be him. So the player will receive Tartaglia by the 180th Wish.

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Four-Star Characters With Higher Pull Rates

Genshin Impact Diona

Along with Tartaglia’s introduction as a playable character in Genshin Impact comes another new playable character named Diona. Diona and the upcoming Xinyan were previously rumored to be featured as four-stars with increased pull rates on Childe and Zhongli’s Banners, respectively, due to releasing in the 1.1 update. Diona is a bow user with a Cryo Vision, who specializes in mixology when she’s not fighting Hilichurls.

Other than the new Diona, players have increased chances of pulling Beidou (Electro/claymore) and Ningguang (Geo/catalyst) on the current Banner. Keep in mind that pulling four-star Genshin Impact characters or weapons in the gacha is still limited to 5.1%. If the player successfully obtains a four-star, it has a 50% chance of being Diona, Ningguang, or Beidou.

Who’s on the Next Banner?

Genshin Impact Childe and Zhongli 1.1 Update

As some fans successfully predicted, Tartaglia’s Banner would come first in the 1.1 update and Zhongli’s is to follow, as both rare five-stars have major importance in the final chapter of the Liyue storyline. When Zhongli’s Banner comes around after December 1st, he’s expected to be accompanied by the four-stars Chongyun (Cryo/claymore), Razor (Electro/claymore), and the new Xinyan (Pyro/claymore).

Genshin Impact is available on mobile devices, PC, and PS4 with PS5 and Switch versions in development.

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