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Fall Guys Letting Fans Help Create New Playlist

Fall Guys is breaking ground by letting fans vote to create a new playlist for the game featuring only community chosen levels.

Fall Guys offers a variety of different shows to players that let them fine tune what types of rounds they play. This first started in Season 2 with a show that let players partake in only racing rounds, and has since been expanded. While many love this feature as it has the potential to take out bothersome rounds, they never seem to be exactly what fans want. Mediatonic can’t read fans’ minds, so instead it’s letting fans speak for themselves.

Each round of Fall Guys is typically randomly selected from the list of all available rounds, but shows help to narrow down that list so players see more of what they want to. This fan voted show will be the ultimate way to ensure that the community’s favorite rounds all get stuffed into one package.

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Of course, there’s no way to ensure that everyone will be happy. There’s bound to be rounds in the upcoming playlist that some players will hate. There’s also the trouble of people trolling the polls, voting for universally hated rounds like Tail Tag or team games. That kind of behavior can’t be avoided though, and it likely won’t change the outcome too much.

Players wanting to vote for their favorite levels should follow the link above. The way the poll is laid out, players will only get to choose four rounds out of four different groups. That means only one finale round, so players will be forced to choose whether they like Hex-a-Gone better than Thin Ice, for example.

Fall Guys is available now on PC and PS4.

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