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Fallout 4: The 15 Most Powerful Enemies, Ranked

Once your sole survivor defrosts from their 200 years of sleep and awakens to a horrible post-apocalyptic nuclear reality in Fallout 4, they’ll be forced to traverse the harsh and often frightening wastelands that stretch out before them. Littered with clues about what they’ve missed, abandoned houses, raider outposts and even small settlements of hope, they’re most likely to also come across the diverse cast of horrible monsters and powerful enemies lurking in the radiation riddled hills and forests.

Although many of these creatures are terrible, there are a selected few that truly make even the most seasoned Fallout 4 player tremble in their Vault jumpsuit. We rank the most powerful enemies in this popular game.

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Updated on November 24th, 2020 by Anastasia Maillot: There’s no end to how many awful enemies exist in Fallout 4 to terrify new and seasoned players alike. With dangerous variants of well-known enemies, as well as a level scaling system that ensures you’ll always be challenged, the wastelands truly are your worst enemy.

Thanks to the DLCs, the game has managed to keep things fresh as well by introducing new, themed and slightly altered versions of already infamous enemies. Here’s five additional beasts that are guaranteed to give you nightmares and make you wish you never ran into them in the first place.

15 Enraged Fog Crawler

Found within the Far Harbor DLC, this giant shrimp and lobster hybrid (with a hint of grasshopper in it as well) is one of the brand-new terrors players are faced with on Far Harbor island. There’s even a quest that sends you to slay one of these fairly early on in the DLC.

The fog crawler is big and strong, but is easily dealt with at a distance. The enraged variant, however, has much more health and strength overall, making it the worst variant to fight in the wild.

14 Venomous Angler

Another monster lurking on the foggy island of Far Harbor, the angler is first encountered after arriving on Far Harbor when the town is attacked by a bunch of them. The creepy thing about these critters is their ability to camouflage in the mist, which is actually complemented by the glowing antenna that imitates the lure weed which can be harvested on the island.

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There’s nothing worse than approaching a swampland to get lure weed only to run into a whole group of these awful toad-like beasts. Their venomous variant is especially dangerous, since they can’t be tamed with the Wasteland Whisperer perk and the always match the player’s level.

13 Radscorpion

Radscorpions might seem like such a generic and boring part of the bestiary for so many players, but they rank higher simply because they’re a headache throughout the entirety of the game, regardless of where you might be —from the northern forests to even the Glowing Sea.

They’re very tough, and with the ability to move underground they can ambush you easily. At close range they’re deadly enemies that are able to deal quite a bit of radiation damage. The Deathskull variant is the one you’ll want to avoid the most.

12 Mirelurk King

Mirelurks, even with their queen, sometimes feel like a lost opportunity in the game. That’s until you fight the Mirelurk King (and more specifically their Nukalurk variant which can be met in the Nuka-Cola Bottling Plant in the Nuka-World DLC).

Even without the DLC, however, these beasts can be very scary in groups when they assault you. They’re able to attack you from afar and dish out quite a bit of damage at once due to their ranged sonar attack.

11 Nukatron Sentinel

The old protectrons are nothing to be afraid of. They’re just a bit tanky and take some time to deal with. However, once you meet the Nukatron Sentinel, you’ll always have a small, permanent trauma lingering in the back of your head from being blasted with turquoise Nuka-Cola nuke juice.

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The Nukatron Sentinel is a particular variant of the Nukatrons found in Nuka-World’s Galactic Zone. They can be easy to bypass due to looking like tiny Nuka-Cola machines, but when they group up on you that’s when it gets serious.

10 Super Mutant Suicider

These mutated humanoids are terrifying for those who are beginning their adventure across the wasteland. Already quite bulky and terrifying in size, it doesn’t help that they rush towards you upon spotting you, only to explode when in range of the player.

The mutants are equipped with a small nuke that they attempt to detonate next to the player, taking their own lives in the process. To deal with this, it’s best to aim straight for the nuke from a distance and destroy them instantly for a quick kill.

9 Mirelurk Queen

This acid spitting monster awaits the player at the end of one of the many missions and can pose a serious challenge to a novice player. Surrounded by small minions, the Mirelurk Queen has the capacity to almost one shot the player with highly powerful acid spit attacks.

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In order to avoid these it’s important to take cover immediately and peek whenever you can to get a few shots in. As long as you keep moving and remain agile, and don’t focus too much on her hatchlings, you should be able to deal enough damage on her.

8 Gulper Devourer

No doubt inspired by the giant salamander, the Gulper Devourer is a surprisingly large lizard-like creature often found in the wild and highly aggressive. The creature is surprisingly fast when rushing towards the player, which can make it hard get some distance between it and dodge its powerful melee attacks.

On top of this, he has a large health pool that complicates dealing with it. The best way is to cripple his leg in VATS which will allow you to determine your engagement distance properly.

7 Bloated Glowing One

A ghoulish, bloated corpse with a greenish glow can only mean one thing: a bad omen for the player. These humanoid monsters often hang around other fellow ghouls and emanate radiation in a radius around them, making them particularly nasty enemies to deal with.

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You won’t want to hang around these guys for too long if you care about your rads, but also if you don’t wish to see him reanimate his friends through a special attack he’s able to perform. Despite the size of his body, he can be surprisingly quick and menacing at close range.

6 Annihilator Sentry Bot Mk II

The wasteland isn’t only filled with weird mutated animals and terrifying monsters. There are also a number of abandoned hostile robots that won’t hesitate to assert their technological superiority on the player if caught off-guard.

The Sentrybots are one type of such daunting enemies, capable of not only sustaining a fight for a long time but also dealing incredible amounts of damage at close and longer range. And if that doesn’t terrify you enough, it’s also highly mobile, able to run after the player easily despite its outwardly bulky-looking exterior.

5 Dusky Yao Guai

The thought of encountering a large black bear in the wild is a scary thought, but how about encountering a mutated, monstrous version of one, that’s highly resistant to damage and able to dish out 200 points of damage in one melee attack?

The Dusky Yao Guai is exactly that, a large bear-like creature that can seriously cripple a survivor not properly armored and ready for such encounter. It’s advised here as well to cripple your foe in VATS to reduce his speed and mobility, which will make him much easier to deal with from afar.

4 Synth Eradicator

The Synth Eradicator is your typical synth uprising nightmare: deadly, fast, precise and incredibly intelligent. They’re often equipped with fairly good armor and don’t even appear until much later in the game due to the sheer difficulty of them. That being said, it’s not completely impossible to defeat these guys.

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Since they excel at firing, it’s best to quickly close your distance to the and force them to fight at close range using their rather weak melee attacks. So long as you’re not in their faces, however, stay cautious and pick your fights.

3 Assaultron Dominator

Still in the category of terrifying robot enemies, the Assaultron Dominator is the definition of a highly skilled killer. Highly independent due to its capacity to shield itself from any electromagnetic disturbances, it’s also highly effective at both close range due to its deadly claws and powerful laser weapon.

The Assaultron Dominator moves quickly and even has the ability to go into stealth mode where it will appear invisible to the player, aside from a small ripple where it’s located. This enemy is not for the faint of heart players, and definitely not one a novice should attempt to vanquish.

2 Ancient Behemoth

In terms of sheer size and force, the infamous Ancient Behemoth takes the cake. Comparable to a massive golem, these creatures often wield objects as maces and will attempt to smack or throw objects like large rocks at the player.

One hit can very easily shave off a third of an unprepared player’s health pool, and since they can close the distance somewhat easily with once again surprising speed, they’re one of the worst enemies to encounter in the wasteland.

1 Mythic Deathclaw

Would this even be a Fallout 4 list without the iconic and much loved Deathclaw? Nothing terrifies a player more than this classic lizard-like terror-inducing creature that will run at you full speed once it has you in its sights and absolutely wreck you.

What makes the Deathclaw and pretty much all of its variances so scary is the fact that it’s introduced very early on in the game, right when the player gets to Concord, and it’s here that they get a first taste of just how malicious the Deathclaw can be. The Mythic Deathclaw, however, gets a special mention as it keeps scaling according to the player’s level and will always present a worthy challenge.

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