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Fallout 76 Steel Dawn: Property Rights Quest Walkthrough

Complete the latest Fallout 76 Steel Dawn quests with our Brotherhood of Steel quest walkthrough on Property Rights.

Fallout 76’s Steel Dawn update is justification for all of those players who have been travelling through Appalachia since the launch of the game. Loads of brand new quests, items, and much more are hiding away throughout the latest game update, and we’re all lucky that it launched over a week early. The most robust part of the new update is the Brotherhood of Steel questline, which sees you working with the Brotherhood out of Fort Atlas. This guide is going to give you a complete walkthrough of how to complete the Property Rights quest.

Make sure to start the Brotherhood of Steel questline here if you haven’t already, and see our guide to the previous quest in this chain, Disarming Discovery.

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Fallout 76 Property Rights Quest Stages Walkthrough

Speak to Knight Shin about the Raiders

Following on from Disarming Discovery, Knight Shin will be talking about the weapons that were stolen by the Blood Eagle Raiders. He wants to head to the Raider’s storeroom and secure anything else they may have. Travel to the Makeshift Vault on your map.

Secure the Raider storeroom

Inside the vault, you’ll find a lot of stuff, in addition to a Raider, Pierce. Knight Shin doesn’t take kindly to him, while Pierce is happy enough to speak with you. If you have 8+ Perception or 8+ Charisma you’ll be able to talk Pierce out of fighting against you, otherwise, this will get bloody. You also have the option of using your Raider status to your advantage, if you have worked with them in the past – though this will not go down well.

Speak to Knight Shin

Once all is said and done, Knight Shin will be happy that the situation has been handled, but he still demands to know how the Raiders managed to acquire Brotherhood weaponry. Pierce left the vault and headed for the Crater.

Speak to Pierce at the Crater

This is Raider territory. Meet with Pierce to enquire about the Brotherhood weapons. He won’t be too cooperative in this scenario, but Sheena, Pierce’s friend, is more open to talking.

Speak to Sheena

Sheena will offer you the information, in exchange for a little help. She wants information on the Brotherhood of Steel, if you collect it, she’ll give you all the information you want on the weapons they stole. Easy, right?

Load Sheena’s Holotape into a Brotherhood terminal

Return to Fort Atlas. Once here, think about talking to Scribe Valdez on what to do in this situation. Or, if you really don’t like the Brotherhood, just take the information from a terminal. If you speak to Valdez she’ll explain that she has created a fake set of data just for this scenario, and you can choose to either “Download Terminal Data” or “Download Terminal Data: Dummy Files” to Sheena’s Holotape.

Return the holotape to Sheena

Return to Sheena in the Crater and hand over the holotape, loaded with whichever set of data you choose. She’ll happily start spilling the beans about how the Raiders came to obtain Brotherhood of Steel weaponry.

Report to Knight Shin

Head back to Fort Atlas and tell Knight Shin all about what you discovered. He’ll be very shocked, naturally, but he’ll be pleased that your report was so thorough. This will conclude the quest Property Rights and lead you onto the next, Supplying Demands.

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