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[Fanatical] Build your own Spring Bundle (Choose between 1, 5, 10, or 20 games)

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[Fanatical] Build your own Spring Bundle (Choose between 1, 5, 10, or 20 games)

[Fanatical] Build your own Spring Bundle (Choose between 1, 5, 10, or 20 games) from Gamebundles

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11 days ago

Title|Genres|Reviews|Product Price (USD)|Trading Cards|New to Bundle
:–|:– |–:|–:|–:|–:|–:|
[The Chess Variants Club](|Strategy, Simulation, Casual, Sports, Indie|100% of 21 Reviews|$3.99|No|Yes
[SpeedRunners](|Sports, Casual, Action, Racing, Indie|94% of 17641 Reviews|$14.99|Yes|No
[Warstone TD](|Indie, Strategy|85% of 1867 Reviews|$14.99|Yes|No
[Georifters](|Casual, Indie, Adventure, Action|N/A|$19.99|No|Yes
[Shaolin vs Wutang](|Indie, Casual, Action|92% of 785 Reviews|$13.99|No|No
[Fallback](|Adventure, Indie, Action|88% of 219 Reviews|$9.99|No|Yes
[AER Memories of Old](|Adventure, Indie|88% of 2091 Reviews|$14.99|Yes|No
[Deponia Doomsday](|Adventure, Indie|85% of 1898 Reviews|$19.99|Yes|No
[Perseverance: Part 1](|Indie, Adventure|85% of 34 Reviews|$3.99|No|Yes
[Redirection](|Indie, Casual|97% of 89 Reviews|$3.99|Yes|No
[Mana Spark](|RPG, Action, Indie|83% of 323 Reviews|$11.99|Yes|No
[Table Manners: Physics-Based Dating Game](|Simulation|63% of 189 Reviews|$17.99|No|No
[Attack of the Earthlings](|Strategy, Indie|87% of 196 Reviews|$19.99|No|No
[Unlock The King Collection](|Casual, Strategy|97% of 149 Reviews|$0.99|No|Yes
[SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition](|Indie, Strategy, Adventure, Action, RPG, Casual|93% of 913 Reviews|$7.99|Yes|No
[Dungeon Souls](|Adventure, Indie, RPG, Action|78% of 1243 Reviews|$12.99|Yes|No
[Mount & Blade](|Indie, RPG|92% of 3941 Reviews|$9.99|Yes|No
[Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword](|Action, RPG|86% of 8339 Reviews|$9.99|No|No
[Tower 57](|Indie, Action|67% of 351 Reviews|$11.99|Yes|No
[FLATLAND Vol.1 & 2 Complete Pack](|Indie, Action|90% of 41 Reviews|$4.99|No|No
[Knight’s Retreat](|Casual|98% of 57 Reviews|$2.99|No|No
[Toki](|Adventure|87% of 158 Reviews|$19.99|No|No
[Chariot](|Adventure, Indie|83% of 190 Reviews|$14.99|Yes|No
[Until I Have You](|Indie|74% of 130 Reviews|$13.99|Yes|No
[Zombie Party](|Indie, RPG, Action, Adventure|76% of 314 Reviews|$9.99|Yes|No
[Equilinox](|Casual, Indie, Simulation|93% of 2015 Reviews|$9.99|No|No

Above table copied shamelessly from their reddit account.

11 days ago


11 days ago

Fallback has a neat style for a 2.5D action roguelite. Would be willing to [trade]( to get it.

I already have 5 other games from this bundle. I only recommend Dungeon Souls to hardcore dungeon crawler roguelite fans, as it felt dry to me after beating the final boss twice.

11 days ago

i’m looking to trade for 1 of these if someone want more options. please post in the thread or pm me as to not fill this up with trades.