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Final Fantasy Battle Royale Pre-Registration Begins

Those looking to experience a different side of Final Fantasy can sign up for the closed beta test of Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier. A mobile battle royal game set in the universe most famous for the adventures of Cloud Strife, The First Soldier features first and third-person action paired with more traditional FF magic.

Square Enix premiered a long look at The First Soldier‘s gameplay via a Twitch stream earlier today. Players can choose between three different character classes, the Warrior, Sorcerer, or Monk. Each has unique abilities on the battlefield, and you’ll need all the help you can get against both skilled human opponents and ferocious AI monsters.

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In addition to combat, fans will recognize classic franchise elements such as ridable chocobos, powerful espers, and the ability to use summon and materia abilities. There will also be cosmetic upgrades to unlock and purchase for characters, vehicles, and more.

Those interested in the test will need an Android device in order to take part, although the full game will also release on iOS. Signups via the official website close on May 27, giving players plenty of time to submit their applications.

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The full version of Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier will launch in 2021 on Android and iOS. It’s planned as a free-to-play game supported by microtransaction purchases.

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