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Folkloria Dev Shares Adorable New Screenshots

The developer of Folkloria has shared some new images of their current project.

For those that missed it, Folkloria is a lighthearted RPG that is steeped in lore and full of wonderfully charming anthropomorphic creatures. You play as a brave young Griffon named Weaver who is set on a quest to protect his land and people from the industrialists that wish to take over. It is set to be an exciting indie adventure that I can’t wait to try myself.

Well, recently the developer gave us a sneak peak at how things are going. In a Twitter post, the developer of Folkloria shared some new images of a couple scenes, and some of the characters that we can expect to meet in the game. The game is still a work in progress, and is being created by just one dev. There is still no current release window.

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