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Fortnite: Every Week 7 Challenge

There’s a whole new set of challenges for Week 7, and we have all the details here.

Every week there is a new set of challenges in Fortnite and Week 7’s challenges have just been released. Our guide will list all of the challenges available this week and will also help you breeze through them.

Collect Meat Or Peppers (5)

fortnite hunting for meat

Collect five pieces of meat or peppers to complete this challenge.

You can hunt for meat quite easily since there is wildlife scattered throughout the Battle Royale island.

Peppers, however, are a bit harder to find, but if you search through food boxes in places such as Catty Corner, The Orchard, and the Pizza Pit, you might come by some Peppers.

Consume Foraged Items (3)

forage items fortnite

Foraged items can be found all over the island. These are items that you can find on the ground and then forage such as cabbages, apples, and mushrooms.

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There are three places on the map that are ideal to finish this challenge. The Orchard is rich when it comes to apples; Holly Hedges is filled with cabbages next to the suburban homes; and, in Weeping Woods, there are mushrooms all over — and these can actually be better in most cases, since they count toward your shield instead of your HP.

Hunt Raptors (2)

fortnite hunting a raptor

You need to hunt two raptors in order to complete this challenge.

You can find them almost anywhere on the island, as they spawn and run around. They hunt other animals and will chase and attack you if you’re spotted.

Be careful approaching them and try to kill them from afar or use a hunter’s cloak in order to get close to them without being attacked right away.

To hunt a raptor, just deal enough damage to it until it’s defeated, like just any other AI in the game.

Makeshift Weapon Eliminations (1)

Makeshift weapons are weapons that can be crafted into primal weapons or mechanical weapons.

You will need to eliminate an opponent with one of these weapons to complete this challenge. Thankfully, it shouldn’t be too difficult, since these are the weapons you’ll find most often as floor loot, especially at the beginning of the match.

Primal Weapon Eliminations (1)

crafting in fortnite

You can craft a makeshift weapon into a primal weapon easily with a few animal bones. If you’re not sure how to do it just follow our Fortnite crafting guide. Get an elimination with a primal weapon to complete this challenge.

Mechanical Weapon Eliminations (1)

mechanical bow in fortnite

Mechanical weapons are primal weapons’ counterpart. You can craft them with mechanical parts. Mechanical parts are easy to farm and there are a few hotspots on the island so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Finish this challenge by eliminating an opponent with a mechanical weapon.

Mark Weapons Of Different Rarity (7)

fortnite weapon rarities

There are seven different rarities in Fortnite, you need to mark a weapon of each rarity. The rarities are: uncommon (grey), common (green), rare (blue), epic (purple), legendary (yellow), mythic (gold) and exotic (light blue).

Damage Opponents (2.5K, 5K, 7.5K, 10K, 12.5K)

fortnite eliminating players

The Legendary challenge available this week is quite easy since you will complete it without too much effort and simply by playing regularly. Ticking off the other challenges will automatically start adding to this challenge’s progress.

Deal damage anywhere from 2.5K to 12.5K to complete this challenge and its various phases.

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