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Fortnite: How to Catch a Snowy Flopper

For the Snowdown challenge, Fortnite players have to use their fishing skills to grab a Snowy Flopper, a fish with chilling abilities.

The newest wintery challenge is here, and Fortnite players will have to fish up the coolest fish to complete them: a Snowy Flopper. This icy fish is needed to complete the Fortnite Operation Snowdown holiday event challenge.

Fishing it Up

In order to grab this snowy fish, players will first have to grab a fishing rod, a harpoon, or players can try to fish with Fortnite explosives. Luckily, there are several locations to find fishing rods close to where this ice-cold fish spawns. Just look for a fishing dock; there is almost always a fishing rod barrel close by.

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Fishing Location

Players will have to land near water in the snowy zone of the Fortnite map in order to find a Snowy Flopper this Christmas Day. There is a new, expanded snow area for this holiday event between Lazy Lake and Misty Meadows that makes for a great fishing spot for the Snowy Flopper; there are several fishing docks on and around the two islands in the center of the large lake with fishing rod barrels available. This location is at the far southeast of the Season 5 Fortnite map.

Where to find Snowy Flopper Fish in Fortnite

Players can drop onto one of these docks and start fishing at any of the bubbly areas where fish spawn.

The Snowy Flopper

The Snowy Flopper is an uncommon fish that was introduced for the Snowdown holiday event in Fortnite. It looks like the head of Snowmando who is the NPC with all the snowy outposts. It’s a little snowman head, complete with carrot nose and a striped scarf.

This snowy fish, when consumed, gives players a little health and the same chilling effect as the Chiller Grenades or the Big Chill Exotic Rocket Launcher. So not only will it get players closer to getting those holiday skins and other cosmetics, but will also give them an effect that can freeze other players in place. Seems like a win-win for players.

Snowdown Challenges

There are a total of 18 Operation Snowdown Challenges for this event, including the Snowy Flopper challenge. Completing each one will get Fortnite players some free cosmetics, including two snowy skins. This particular fishing challenge will earn players a Toe Pick and 10,000 XP for their trouble. The Toe Pick is a harvesting pickaxe that looks like an ice skate on a stick. It looks like this item won’t be available for purchase in the shop, so players will have to earn it with the challenge if they want this Snowdown-exclusive wintery axe for themselves.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: YouTube, FortniteFandom, FortniteInsider 

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