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GAME warns scalpers it has “strong measures in place”, ahead of new PS5 stock going on sale today •

“Demand far outweighs current supply.”

UK retailer GAME has warned scalpers it has “strong measures” in place to stop multiple orders this morning, ahead of a new release of PlayStation 5 stock.

The chain will continue to enforce a limit of one console per customer, and subject each order to automatic checks after it has been put through.

This may mean that repeat orders initially appear to have worked, GAME said in a statement posted to Twitter, and may mean those trying to scalp successfully receive multiple order confirmation emails. (This line seems designed to counteract the potential for screenshots of dozens of “order confirmed” emails encouraging further scalping.)

Orders are not final until checks on have been completed, GAME said, and no money will be taken before then.

The full statement, which seems written to determine casual scalping as much as possible, is below.

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Stock of the PlayStation 5 has been extremely limited in supply since it launched last November. The console’s arrival was plagued by scalping and thefts from within the retail and delivery network.

Sony has previously said it expects demand to outstrip supply well into next year.

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