Got a gaming chair but back still giving you grief? Try one of these massage guns

Whose thighs haven’t hurt after a  day one raid ran long? (Image credit: TheraGun)

I’m really old. And that means I hurt most of the time. But because I have made the sage decision not to have any children, I’ve been able to invest what would have been their college money into a high quality standing desk and chair. Nonetheless, endless hours spent trying to decide which gun to delete means I still sometimes feel back pain. Over the past couple of years I’ve been working out with a personal trainer (thanks again, childlessness) who swears by massage guns to loosen up tense and knotted muscles.

You’ve probably seen these things, which look like the meme weapon no-one uses in an arena shooter, being wielded by fitness influencers on the ‘gram. You’ve probably also thought, entirely reasonably, why would I take what appears to be a handheld pneumatic hammer and apply it to what is quite literally my own body. I felt much the same the first time I had one used on me, and immediately had to ask “are my eyeballs supposed to be vibrating in their sockets?” Which actually came out: “BrrRrrrrrRrrEeyyeZzzzz?”

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