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Halo Infinite Season 1 Paid Cosmetics Cost Over $1,000 Total

Microtransactions continue to be the bane of the greater gaming community, and Halo Infinite is the newest major release to include them in a pretty unforgivable way. The game’s customization has already been under fire since the Multiplayer Beta was released last week, with fans unhappy about the balance between paid and free cosmetics. One Redditor has now calculated what every paid cosmetic in Season 1 will cost you, and if you’re looking to grab everything available, prepare to spend over $1,000.

By all accounts, the Multiplayer launch has been a massive success. The game is fun, it’s engaging, and releasing it on PC for free has had the added bonus of pulling in tons of players who may have missed out otherwise. Sadly, the game’s customization and progression systems are keeping it from being closer to perfection, and 343 is already preparing to release an update to increase the rate at which players earn XP towards the battle pass. Free Spartan armor is sorely lacking, and Halo Infinite‘s campaign won’t feature any armor unlocks. So what’s a fashionable player to do. ReedHay19 on Reddit has revealed every piece of Season 1’s paid content via datamining.

Shortly after, user samurai1226 did the math and calculated that the 88 bundles would cost around $1,035 in total, with none of the listed items unlockable simply by playing the game. While 343 hasn’t come out to confirm these items’ pricing if the $1,000 figure is accurate they’ll have some explaining to do.

Halo Infinite will officially launch on December 8, 2021. The game will be available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S and will also be playable on Xbox Game Pass on launch day. Last week, the game dropped its free-to-play multiplayer mode three weeks ahead of schedule during the Xbox 20th anniversary stream, pulling in a massive swarm of players that broke a record for Xbox Game Studios on PC.


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