Here’s one of the cheapest ways to get a RTX 3070 on Black Friday: with a PC built around it

Hope you’ve been keeping your eyes peeled for Black Friday gaming PC deals, because if you’re looking for an RTX 3070, buying one with a whole computer built around it is one of the best ways to get one this year. That’s just the nature of the GPU market right now. Even if you weren’t thinking about buying a prebuilt PC, it’s unfortunately one of the more reliable ways to get a deal on the card you’re after.

The discount on this ASUS ROG Strix GA 15DK gaming PC isn’t exactly mind-blowing: at $1,749.99 it’s just $50 off the list price. But it comes with a GeForce RTX 3070, one of the  best graphics cards for gaming, and one that’s difficult to find a deal on these days (good luck finding one sold by itself, period, even at full price). Scalpers are still selling RTX 3070 cards on Ebay for as much as $1,300, so for a bit more you can get the rest of the rig here, too.

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