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Highly Anticipated Fallout New Vegas Mod Comes Out After 7 Years

A long-waited Fallout New Vegas mod The Frontier got released. And oh boy, the Nexus mod website did not make it through after the release.

Fortunately, after many hours we can access the mod page now.

This largest-ever mod for New Vegas had 7 years of development, you can see the trailer for the mod below:

The mod introduces a lot of new features and additions, it even has driveable vehicles! The mod also has a Steam page but it’s not released on there yet. I’m sure it will get released in no time after some reported issues get fixed.

You probably know about the mod already if you are a huge Fallout New Vegas fan, but for others, why not check it out? People obviously did miss this Fallout atmosphere, so this mod also could influence the next Fallout game in the franchise.

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