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Hokko Life An Animal Crossing Inspired Village Simulator Gets Early Access Release Date

Hokko Life a cozy life simulation game, is finally coming to Early Access.

For anyone who is not familiar with Hokko Life yet, it is an Animal Crossing inspired indie game that aims to capture the cuteness of the beloved village simulator but it also adds a whole lot of new fun features such as an in-depth customization tool to create your very own furniture designs from scratch.

The game takes a lot of inspiration from Animal Crossing but also includes the charm and farming elements from games like Stardew Valley. Hokko Life is not just a copy of either of those games as it re-invents many of the beloved features and adds tons of new stuff to explore at the same time.

Hokko Life Cozy Indeed

Hokko Life of course features seasons as well as day and night cycles. Robert recently showed of how the game changes throughout the day by demonstrating the lighting system in the game. Take a look below how much atmosphere is created in this the cozy village by simply changing the the lighting. ( tap to enlarge the photo )

Today Robert, the developer behind the game, announced that Hokko Life is finally coming to Early Access. This will allow anyone who wishes to purchase an early and often cheaper version of the game to indulge in a brand new village simulation game.


Hokko Life has been in development for some time and I have been following the process over the years. The game has shaped into one of the most exciting indie releases of this year with an adorable customizable village, tons of unique and cute villagers and plenty of things to do.

Hokko Life Early Access Release

Hokko Life will come to Early Access on Steam Summer 2021, so only a few short months to wait. You can already wishlist the game here.

Team 17 recently announced that they would be publishing Hokko Life which opens the doors to a Nintendo Switch release as well, lets keep our fingers crossed!

In addition, a short new trailer was released to celebrate the Early Access news.

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