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Hokko Life Gets Adorable Visual Upgrades And More Interactive Villagers

Hokko Life is an Animal Crossing inspired game featuring farming and unseen customization options.

For the ones who are not so familiar with Hokko Life yet – this indie title is an Animal Crossing inspired game that brings tons of new stuff to the table. The village simulator features a wide variety of unique characters, in-depth farming and so far unseen customization tools where you can create your very own village and even your own furniture designs from the ground up – Lego Style!

Robert, founder and main developer behind the game recently teamed up with Team 17 to bring his full vision for the game to life and today he revealed some more news about Hokko Life.

To make the game feel more alive and interactions with villagers even cuter, new talking animations have been added to the game and they really make for an adorable scene, take a look below at the short snippet.

Hokko Life Looks so Cozy

Hokko Life caught my attention from the day Robert had revealed this adorable title. Village simulation games are kind of my passion and this one is right up my alley.


The lighting in this game creates such wonderful atmosphere as seen in the latest trailer. Another new screenshot from the game showcasing what appears to be a Cafe in the town shows exactly how adorable the game looks with the upgraded visuals.

Hokko Life

Hokko Life Release Date

Robert and Team 17 recently revealed that Hokko Life will be coming to Steam Early Access this summer along with a new gameplay trailer!

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