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How To Beat Micolash, Host Of The Nightmare

Though Micolash is one of Bloodborne’s easier boss fights, there’s still a strategy to putting the guy out of his misery quickly and easily.

“Poor Micolash” is a sentiment most Bloodborne players will share. After all, the man is probably unaware that his corpse sits in a chair in Yahar’gul, rotting, while his mind is forced to endlessly live in the nightmare. However, any sympathy for the man will quickly vanish once you realise just how slippery he is. He’ll run wild, leading you through a maze of a library until you corner him.

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For the most part, just following him and heading up any stairs you can find is a surefire way to catch up to him again. Then, you simply beat on him for taking you on such a wild goose chase. Luckily, he’s one of Bloodborne’s easier bosses to fight.

A (Mostly) Straight-Forward Fight

The fight with Micolash is split into two halves. In the first, the only attack he’ll use against you is his Augur of Ebrietas. His arm will shoot forward and several tentacles will reach out from some horrific plane of existence. This attack is heavily telegraphed and very easily avoided. As with many enemies in Bloodborne or a Dark Souls game, just sidestep to the side to dodge out of its way. The best strategy here is to clear the skeletons in the room he runs to, get him into a corner, and hit him until he teleports away.

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When he teleports, you’ll have to exit the room you just fought him in, turn right, and head up some stairs. Keep going until you find a spiral staircase and head up it. Here, he can start jumping into mirrors and doing all sorts of weird stuff. He’ll eventually lock himself in a room with a big gate that you can’t get through. You need to keep ascending until you find a large gap. To the right of it is a hidden path; take it and drop down onto Micolash’s head.

Tread Carefully In The Second Stage


The second stage of this fight is a bit tougher, but only because of a new trick up Micolash’s sleeve. Now, he can use “A Call Beyond” to summon several magic missiles in a full circular arc around himself. These can one-shot you if you’re standing in the wrong place.

The best way to prevent him from casting this is to stay as close to him as possible. So just rush in, sidestep the Augur, and hit him from the back and sides. If he does cast “A Call Beyond”, then using the Old Hunter Bone to speed up your dodging would be hugely helpful to you. Other than that, the fight is pretty much the same.

He can also hit you with his fists, but he’s a weak and broken man, so this does practically no damage. Just be aware that the Augur attack can stagger you, so don’t get caught by it in his second phase or he’ll be able to destroy you with his missiles. Keep up the pressure, back him into a corner, and hit him until his suffering finally ends.

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