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How to Use ‘Double-Movement’ Controls After v14.50 Update

After Fortnite’s 14.50 changes, players must find a new way to get ‘double-movement,’ so here’s how to get back the diagonal run.

While its cosmetics and cross-promotion events are flashy and popular, the competitive side of Fortnite is concerned with very different things. More important than temporary superpowers or using Fotnite’s rifts, many players focus on the different levels of control offered by controllers and a mouse & keyboard (MKB) set up.

Fortnite players tend to have certain advantages when using a controller, largely due to aim-assist and precise movement afforded by the left-thumbstick. By contrast, players using an MKB setup have had to get creative when it comes to things like moving diagonally.

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This led to a practice called “double-movement,” where players would double bind the same movement option to two keys. By tapping the keys at the same time, players could move diagonally as if they were using a controller. The latest Fortnite patch, however, quietly removed this option. Here’s an alternate method for possibly getting back the double-movement option.

Players Will Still Need a Controller

The new process for getting “double-movement” involves plugging in a controller and manipulating the avatar’s Dead Zone. This is the state in which the character will remain stationary or Dead. By tweaking it slightly, a character can be made to move constantly thanks to stick drift. Once this is done, let the controller move the avatar constantly and use the keyboard for the actual movement. It’s a throwback to the days when this same method was used to give MKB players a soft aim assist option.

The Trade Off

Of course, manipulating the Dead Zone like this has consequences. Because it must remain changed, the player avatar will literally always be moving. It’s not a great trade off, but it may be the only one possible. However, there’s a good chance that the workaround will also be patched out eventually, so it may not work forever. Hopefully, while players are getting ready for “years” of Marvel x Fortnite, they will not have to prepare for years of this.

Why Did This Happen?

The removal of double-movement happened pretty quietly and there’s been no response from Epic despite the backlash. Many believe it was done because it was very easy to go from this method into cheating. This was often done using macros, allowing for multiple inputs with the press of a single keyboard key. Cheat accusations have been widespread in Fortnite, even at the highest level, and this change will possibly cut down on that.

Some players are specifically blaming Bugha. The accusations flew after Bugha revealed he used a piece of plastic to press two keys for double movement at the same time. Whether or not this is the reason is unknown, but it’s unlikely traditional double-movement will return any time soon.

Fortnite is out for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions in development.

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Source: Fortnite Intel

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