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How To Use Light Bows

Players in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla who need a reliable mid-range option for dealing damage should consider picking up a Light Bow. Here’s why!

Players in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla who need a reliable mid-range option for dealing damage should consider picking up a Light Bow. This breed of bow cannot aim too far, as its zoom is minimal, however, at its ideal usage range, this is a good thing.

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The ability to quickly aim and fire at anything around Eivor is handy for chipping away at tougher foes as well as finishing off weakened ones. Thanks to the highest firing rate out of all bow types, Light Bows possess the greatest damage-per-second out of all methods of ranged damage.

Point-Blank Punishment

eivor about to shoot a wolf in the face.

Since the viewing distance and aiming reticle are positioned to engage closer targets, Light Bows can practically be used at melee range if one simply does not feel like switching weapons. Being able to hold down the firing button to shoot up to 5 arrows in rapid succession makes using this ranged weapon feel almost like a semi-automatic machine gun.

There are also perks in the Way of the Bear skill tree that grants bonus damage for each consecutive shot that pierces a foe with a Light Bow. Players can spray their prey with arrows and take huge chunks out of their health bar, which is immensely helpful against tougher adversaries.

Fire Multiple Shots At Once For Huge Impact

firing 5 arrows at once.

If rapid-fire isn’t enough for particularly stubborn and resilient enemies, players can activate a Light Bow’s alternate firing mode. If the regular firing method was like a semi-automatic machine gun, the alternative mode is like using a shotgun.

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Simply hold down the specified input (not the same one to fire) to load up multiple arrows at once using Eivor’s phenomenal finger dexterity and take aim at whatever needs to be punctured multiple times. In terms of single-hit damage, this tactic outclasses that of any other type of bow, making Light Bows the option with the highest Damage-per-second and highest single-hit damage.

Poison & Burn With Maximum Efficiency

player using poison on their arrows for fast build up.

Applying effects that need to be built up, like poison and burning, in special coatings on faster weapons are always the most efficient method. Since the Light Bow is the fastest-firing out of all bow types, it is the best suited for applying negative status conditions to enemies.

This is a universally useful ability and is even more effective than the melee equivalent, for Eivor can let loose arrows quicker than they can use even the swiftest melee weapon. They can also do so at a distance, out of harm’s reach, which makes this the ideal method to cheese enemies.

Furthermore, despite not being designed to be used at long range, the arrows fired from a Light Bow can still travel surprisingly far, which means that one can still use such a bow for sniping targets. Just be sure to get a clear line of sight and a high vantage point for better visibility. Overall, due to all the above-mentioned traits, Light Bows can arguably be considered the best bow type in the entire game.

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