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[Humble Bundle] Asmodee Digital Tabletop 2gether Bundle

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[Humble Bundle] Asmodee Digital Tabletop 2gether Bundle

[Humble Bundle] Asmodee Digital Tabletop 2gether Bundle from Gamebundles

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9 days ago

Are any of the listed games similar to setup as with the Jackbox party pack series?

My friends and I play Jackbox by streaming it over discord and I’ve been wanting to expand our game choices. Pandemic, Splendor, and Ticket to Ride look promising. Is this doable?

9 days ago

anyone know if you need everyone to have a copy to play? specifically for ticket to ride and pandemic?

9 days ago

Tier 1: 1 USD | 1 EUR | 0.73 GBP | 1.27 CAD | 1.29 AUD

– [Love Letter](
– [Pandemic – On the Brink: Virulent Strain](
– [Pandemic: The Board Game](
– [Small World](
– [Small World 2 – Grand Dames](

Tier 2: BTA

– [Pandemic – On the Brink: Roles and Events](
– [Small World 2 – Be Not Afraid…](
– [Splendor](
– [Splendor – The Cities](
– [Splendor – The Strongholds](
– [Ticket to Ride](
– [Ticket To Ride – France](
– [Ticket to Ride – Legendary Asia](

Tier 3: 10 USD | 8.22 EUR | 7.32 GBP | 12.71 CAD | 12.97 AUD

– [Blood Rage: Digital Edition](
– [Small World 2 – Cursed!](
– [Terraforming Mars](
– [The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game – Definitive Edition](
– [Ticket to Ride – Europe](

9 days ago

Bought it instantly. But I already have Small World and I HATE Ticket To Ride. So I’m willing to trade those two (plus all dlc) if anyone’s got anything decent to offer. Not looking for anything specific, but if you’ve got a trade list, I’ll look it over.

Edit: I’ll also trade Terraforming Mars. Not very familiar with it, but it just doesn’t seem like a game I’d be into.

9 days ago

thanks i got the trade for love letter i wanted