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Indie Publisher Devolver Digital Teases New Game Announcement

Publisher Devolver Digital announces and teases a brand new video game reveal with one of its indie developers for later tomorrow.

Indie fans should get ready, as Devolver Digital is announcing a new game tomorrow. Video game publisher Devolver Digital, a group that specializes in indie games, just revealed that it will be making an announcement. The publisher is known for working on unique and artsy experiences, like Gris or The Messanger, but 2020’s Fall Guys: Ultimate Team was a huge breakout.

Devolver Digital has a long list of amazing games that it has published, from Katana ZERO to Hotline Miami. The newest addition will apparently be a collection of smaller games from indie developer Deconstructeam.

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Earlier today, Devolver Digital shot out back-to-back Tweets teasing at tomorrow’s reveal. The first tweet simply mentioned that a game will be announced; the second mentioned the three-person indie team of Deconstructeam. What is interesting is that apparently, the game will be a collection of smaller games, perhaps a WareWare-esque mini-game collection of sorts.

Deconstructeam has created two games thus far. Gods will be Watching released on PC in 2014 and The Red Strings Club released on PC and Switch in 2018, the latter being a cyberpunk-type narrative game told through bartending and impersonation (seemingly a far cry from a collection of smaller games).

The good news is that fans will not have to wait for long to find out what Devolver Digital and Deconstructeam have in store. Intriguingly–although the hinted at game is described as a collection of sorts–Devolver Digital also says that it will be “good” and “deep stuff.” Deconstructeam’s titles have tackled heavy topics in the past, so this could be the case yet again.

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