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Internal Conflicts Has Led Resident Evil 4 Remake to Get A Partial Development Reboot

Let’s hope this is good for the development of the game.

Things have been tempestuous in Capcom, the leading of development changed for Resident Evil 4 remake after internal arguments within the development of the game.

The reports say that the ex-leading studio M-Two was way too faithful to the original game, which could prevent the Resident Evil 4 remake from having new features and elements. Due to that and some other reasons, Capcom Division 1 has taken the lead from them.

M-Two wanted to stick to the original due to the formula which has been followed for the Resident Evil 3 remake, that formula wasn’t the best, which had total removal of some original elements.

Resident Evil 4 remake rumors and some leaks from Capcom’s internal documents indicate the release date of the game as Q4 2022. But these recent changes may delay that release date.

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