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It Looks Like Labo Is Being Put To Rest As Nintendo Takes Down The Website

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Following a tip from Twitter user @Akfamilyhome, it seems like the North American Nintendo Labo website – formerly – has been taken down, redirecting instead to the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit.

It’s a shame, but perhaps not a surprising one. Although Labo sold over one million units in its first year, it doesn’t look like that number grew substantially afterwards, despite multiple kits being released onto the market.

Although the taking down of a website is by no means confirmation that a product is being discontinued, it’s not a positive outlook for Nintendo’s cardboard-based toys. Much like Nintendo experiments of the past (remember Project Giant Robot? The HD rumble promises of 1-2-Switch?), the Labo seems to have failed to launch any significant excitement for the technology beyond what it had at launch.

For now, it looks like it’s time to pour one out for the cardboard, and then chuck it in the recycling bin.

Have you touched your Labo sets since you played with them for the first time? Do you still have unfinished sets tucked away in a bookcase somewhere? Let us know in the comments.

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