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Kerbal Space Program 2 Gets Delayed To 2022

Kerbal Space Program puts players in control of a space program where your sole purpose and duty is to create functional ships for a crew of Kerbals. With a collection of parts that will play an effect through the build of a spacecraft, players will learn how to successfully develop a spacecraft capable of going into space and landing back down to Earth. Now a sequel is in the works where players can once again launch Kerbals into space but with hopes of gathering new resources and solving secrets to the entire galaxy. 

There will be a ton of new features added into the game as well such as an improved UI, animated tutorials, and of course next-generation in-game items. Players will have access to brand new engines, fuels, and parts in order to construct a ship that will safely navigate deep space along with successfully landing without harm. Furthermore, a new big feature will be added to the game which is colonies. Since you’re seeking out precious resources, you’ll need to establish a colony that can sustain itself along with mine the various goods within the planet. 

“Gonna rip the band-aid off fast here: Kerbal Space Program 2 will release in 2022 instead of fall 2021. I

know this is frustrating, especially considering that this isn’t the first time we’ve adjusted our schedule.

“We knew we were taking on an immense technical and creative challenge when we started this project.

We’ve heard time and again from this community that quality is paramount, and we feel the same way.

It’s not enough to deliver a bunch of new features – those features have to be woven together into a

stable, polished whole. We’re creating a reliable foundation on which players and modders alike can

build for another decade or more. That involves solving problems that have never been solved before,

and that takes time.

We’ve got a team of talented people working on every challenge from every angle, and because I’m lucky

enough to get a front row seat, I can see the huge leaps we’re making. It’s killing us how much of this we

have to keep under our hats until the game is released. We can’t express how much we’re looking

forward to soaking up all your reactions and discoveries on that day.

In the meantime, we’ll keep posting cool images here to give you a taste of what’s in store. We will also

continue to release feature videos and developer diaries that go more in-depth on specific areas of the

game, and hopefully those will help 2021 to go by a little faster. Stay tuned for a new dev diary coming

soon, as well as a new Feature Video this winter.”

Nate Simpson

Unfortunately, Kerbal Space Program 2 has been delayed again which may be a bummer, but it’s to be expected for several games right now with the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak. At any rate, it looks like this delay will be putting the game into 2022. That’s a bit of a wait for players but this will hopefully will translate to a better overall video game release. 

Source: Kerbal Space Program Forums 

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