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KFC Brings Out A Gaming Console

KFC doesn’t seem to have any shortages when it comes to marketing ideas as of late. While most of it has been catered towards commercials, we have seen KFC branch out to a parody video game along with a TV movie. Of course, this latest marketing bit seems to be one of the more unusual campaigns that they have brought out. 

Much like the Bud Light gaming PC console, KFC has done the same sort of thing. It was teased in the summer but now it’s an official product that was built. It’s apparently a mini Intel PC with an Asus RTX graphics card. The full details on what’s just powering this PC is a bit scarce right now, but at the very least, it does look like this is a capable gaming PC machine. I’m certainly curious how it handles Cyberpunk 2077 which has become a massive video game not only to run but generally an infamous title as of right now.

At any rate, this KFC bucket gaming PC also comes with a chicken bay so that you can keep your KFC chicken nice and warm. It’s certainly an oddity machine, but any custom PC built has its share of charm and wonder behind it. I’m by no means a modder on the PC market, but after building a few PC’s of my own, I really take up with these custom designs and the amount of work that had to go into it.

After all, this is a project that took a few people to work on. While KFC is the branded PC, it’s also the hard work behind the likes of Cooler Master and PC modder, Tim Malmborg who worked on designing not only the PC but assembling it together. What do you think of this KFC gaming PC console? Does it beat out the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in your eyes?

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