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Life is Strange Collection Announced for Switch, Includes True Colors

Nintendo announced at its E3 show that multiple Life is Strange games are coming to the Switch. Both the Life is Strange Remastered Collection and the upcoming sequel True Colors will arrive on the console, though the trailer doesn’t give an exact release date for the Remastered Collection on Switch. This means most of the Life is Strange series will be coming to the Switch for the first time.

The bundle of both games was announced with a rather charming 2D animation of Life is Strange protagonists Max and Chloe riding a train with True Colors protagonist Alex Chen (I presume Sean, Daniel, and Chris are in another car). The Remastered Collection contains both the first game and Before the Storm, its prequel, though it leaves out Season 2 and The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. It was originally announced in March during Square Enix’s digital showcase.

This isn’t the only footage we’ve seen of Life is Strange during the E3 event. Square Enix, the game’s publisher, showed off footage of True Colors during its event. True Colors follows Alex when she moves to a small town with her brother and struggles to uncover the truth behind his subsequent death. While Max’s power was time manipulation and Daniel’s was telekinesis, Alex’s is the ability to sense the emotions of the people around her and manipulate them — the emotions are visible as colorful auras around them.

Square Enix also showed off the graphical upgrades the original game and Before the Storm will get in the Remastered Collection, which is set to launch on September 30. We don’t know if the game will launch on the Switch at the same time. The Nintendo Direct trailer simply says it’ll be available later this year. Life is Strange True Colors launches on all platforms, including Switch, on September 10.

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