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Littlewood – Switch Release Date Announced

The developer of Littlewood has finally revealed the release date for the Nintendo Switch version of his game!

For those that may have missed it, Littlewood is a cute farming and life sim game that puts you in the role of the hero of the world after the world has already been saved…by you! So what does the world’s hero do next? He rebuilds his community, that’s what. To do so, you will need to interact with villagaers, fulfill requests, fish, farm, mine and basically anything else that will help this destroyed world transform into a bustling community.

Since release, Littlewood has received overwhelming positive reviews on Steam. Players often mention how the game is super relaxing and addicting every moment. Its described as a laid back version of Stardew Valley. And now, the game is coming to console on which it should have been the entire time, Nintendo Switch.

Sean Young, developer of Littlewood, recently announced on Twitter that his game will be releasing on Nintendo Switch on February 25th, 2020. The game currently costs just $14.99 through Steam, so there is a good chance that the Switch port will be the same, or at least similar.

Littlewood Trailer

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