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Lost Soul Aside Reappears After Years of Silence With New Trailer

In a big surprise, the action game Lost Soul Aside has just reappeared on the scene after a few years of silence on its development. This action game title made a big splash on the scene a few years ago with its trailers.  And then… nothing. We didn’t hear anything about the game for years. Then, all of a sudden, it comes back this week with an 18-minute gameplay demo that looks pretty amazing.

Lost Soul Aside is an action game from Chinese developer Yang Bing and UltiZero Studios. It follows the adventure of Kazer (no relation) — who, as others have noted, bears a striking resemblance to FFXV’s hero, Prince Noctis — and a sort of dragon-ish companion shapeshifter spirit that also serves as his weapon. We don’t yet know what Kazer and his buddy are ultimately up to. They have a lot of in-game banter setting up the game’s lore and their relationship.

Gameplay-wise, we see Kazer beating down several very large beastly-looking enemies, who really do look very much like enemies we’ve seen in action games before, and a sword-wielding human enemy who wears the exact opposite color scheme that Kazer does (huh, that seems familiar). Kazer has several attacks of varying degrees of power, as well as quite a few defensive moves. The non-combat gameplay appears to be mostly exploration and platforming.

If you’ve watched any of the game’s years-old trailers, it’s apparent that the developers have not been idle: This new gameplay looks amazing. I’m also not complaining if some of the gameplay or enemies seem a little familiar — I will never reject a game that looks so much like my beloved Devil May Cry or Bayonetta. The official Twitter for the game says “We apologise for the long wait & thank everyone for the continued patience” but we don’t yet have an official release date.

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