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Mass Effect Legendary Edition face codes

Looking for Mass Effect face codes for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition? Like the rest of the game, the Legendary Edition character has been spruced up substantially, and now it’s much easier to craft a photogenic Shepard to take on your many adventures in space.

You can import Mass Effect face codes from the original games, but because there are a few new skin tones and hair styles in the Legendary Edition, the face may turn out slightly different – but it shouldn’t take too much tweaking to return to your OG Shepard.

Here are the best face codes we’ve found in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition for both male and female Shepard, including Jen’s own female Shepard. If you’re still unsure about whether to dive into the Legendary Edition, check out Jen’s Mass Effect Legendary Edition impressions, where she describes it as the best way to play the trilogy saying, “this is the same Mass Effect we fell in love with all those years ago.”

Female Shepard

u/Asukalock’s Femshep

  • 7Q1.D9H.M66.F87.JDQ.96M.1D9.141.R46.44A.FG6.1CF.5

PCGN Jen’s Femshep

  • 7L1.1LL.HF8.T21.AC9.1HF.LKI.211.W16.1H9.AGH.T1G.A

u/derrylharper’s Vanessa Shepard

  • 9A3.1FD.G11.M11.IG1.1BN.6MK.A11.NP8.23B.769.1WG

u/ThereIsNoDog’s Femshep

  • 8A1.1BB.PAG.D12.F1V.1EU.WWI.1GL.WE4.1CB.K65.FWF.B

u/merylisk’s Esme Shepard

  • 7S3.12W.D2B.H84.N8I.8GP.7DK.73G.W9C.795.E46.I1B.B

Male Shepard

u/hoxtonbreakfast’s Masato Shepard

  • 3Q1.7AE.ENF.A85.FAS.JEI.MJD.6PG.G75.8I7.17B.9C

u/bettercallconnolly’s John Shepard

  • 5J2.FNH.DGW.J31.HLW.15R.W6L.6QL.1E2.1L5.E5B.9C

u/BrandonNoir’s Brandon Shepard

  • 1D1.67F.MFA.43F.MDI.3DS.6W6.7CL.TK5.8GN.E3A.5C

u/JAT619’s Augustus Shepard

  • 543.UAH.CMT.C3I.GMU.M2B.N7P.2RN.J84.AUK.E3A.95

Now you’ve made the most beautiful Shepard the galaxy has ever seen, everyone wants a piece – check our Mass Effect romance guide and get out there, commander.

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