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Movie Director Calls Out Capcom For Stealing Monster Design In Resident Evil Village


Before we dive into this story, it’s worth noting that there are some slight spoilers ahead for Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil is a massive video game IP and is often considered one of the game franchises to pave the way for the survival horror genre. With decades worth of video game titles released into the marketplace, animated films, to even blockbuster movies, it’s hard not knowing what Resident Evil is at this point. Recently, Capcom just launched their latest mainline installment to the Resident Evil franchise into the marketplace, Resident Evil Village

Fans worldwide are getting a chance to dive into this game and play as Ethan Winters in a follow-up to the game narrative from Resident Evil 7. The game throws players into a big village area where the goal is to defeat multiple enemy bosses scattered around the village in their specific areas. Likewise, there are quite a few different monsters to face against rather than being zombies. However, it looks like at least one of the monsters crafted up was ripped off from a movie according to the director who had been vocal about a specific creature found in Resident Evil Village.

The monster in question is featured within the Heisenberg Factory where you’ll come across a monster with a propeller head. Film director, Richard Raaphorst, believes that Capcom ripped off the character creature developed for his movie, Frankenstein’s Army from 2013. Richard made note that this character is not only similar in design but also the level layout color scheme is as well. The death of both characters is handled the same with the characters combusting into flames. 

It will be interesting to see if Capcom responds to the allegations or if there will be anything else that pops up from the Resident Evil Village development that can be pinpointed to other past creations.

Source: IGN

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