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Moving Out To Get ‘Moving In’ Update

The hilarious party game Moving Out is soon to get an update that will allow players to move back in.

Moving Out is the latest and greatest in the recent stream of well-made couch co-op indie games. It is a whacky and hilarious adventure title that has you taking on the role of a mostly inefficient moving crew. 

Become a Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician (F.A.R.T), and help the inhabitants of Packmore move from one place to another. You and your team at Smooth Moves (see… hilarious) must do everything in your power to move all the furniture you can in the shortest amount of time.

moving out

About the update.

Well, the new mode is still going to pack the same crazy action, only this time players will be moving everything from the van, back into the house. The new mode will be available on 12 of the original levels. The update will also bring a new assist option that will help to snap the items into the correct places. You will also be able to customize the look of your characters shirt, once the update drops. The update is going to be a free expansion across all the platforms upon which the game is available.

In another recent Tweet, the developers mentioned that the game is currently 40% off in the US eShop. Click here to see if its still on sale.

More info.

For more information on Moving Out, you can check out my coverage here.

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