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NES Games That Need To Come To Nintendo Switch Online

Bionic Commando

To this day, Capcom’s Bionic Commando stands apart from other games of its ilk. Unlike pretty much every other platformer known to man, there is no jump button in Bionic Commando. Instead, you use your character’s bionic arm to hook onto platforms and effectively swing around levels like a severely-limited Spider-Man. This may sound absurd and not very fun, but in practice, Bionic Commando’s unique approach to traversal is a joy to play once you figure out its intricacies.

The game also borrows a page from the Metroid school of design and requires you to find certain weapons and equipment in order to progress. Combine this with a fun story that has you fighting Nazis as Rad Spencer — still one of the best video game protagonist names ever — and you have one of the NES’s best, most inventive games. Source:

Blaster Master

Featuring an excellent mash-up of gameplay styles and a delightfully bonkers premise, Blaster Master is a NES classic through-and-through. In Blaster Master, you play as Jason, a young boy on a quest to rescue his frog Fred after he is mutated by radiation, turned into a giant monster, and flees into a huge subterranean world. Sunsoft’s game splits its time between on-foot sections and vehicle segments in which Jason takes command of a large armored tank called S.O.P.H.I.A. In practice, the two gameplay styles compliment each other well, as you feel incredibly vulnerable when playing as Jason, but then are totally empowered when you get to jump back into your tank.

From top-to-bottom, Blaster Master features praise-worthy design, as it sports clean graphics, catchy music, and inspired level design. Unfortunately, the original version doesn’t feature save points, forcing players to either finish the game in one sitting or leave their console on, but with the addition of suspend points to each NES game available on Nintendo Switch Online, this would no longer be an issue. Source:

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