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New Nintendo Leak Showcases Early Nintendo Switch Prototype 

I find it incredibly fascinating to see how certain video game consoles and titles got their start. The background information that slowly leads to a finalized product is a journey that’s usually full of ups and downs. Nintendo for instance is one company that doesn’t offer too much insight into the inner workings of development. In fact, Nintendo is quick to protect their IP.

However, Nintendo has been a target of leaks as of late. There’s been quite a few over the past few months that typically covered past hardware and software. With that said there is a new leak and this one hits a little close to the present date. The leak originated on 4Chan which offered gamers a look at some of the early prototyping of the Nintendo Switch.

After the Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo went to work on their next platform. This Nintendo Switch hybrid console was a massive success, but it looks like Nintendo was working on an all-screen portable device before they came up with the current finalized product that you can pick up right now. In fact, this little leak offers a mock drawing of the Nintendo Switch 2014 revision.

Apparently, Nintendo wanted an all-screen device that featured just two analog sticks on the face of this device. From there you could see some buttons on the top side of the portable handheld along with the button section. There have also been leaks that suggest this device would have been limited in resolution and wouldn’t dock to your television display. We’re not sure just how well this product would have done, but it’s certainly interesting to see what the Nintendo Switch could have been. 

We’re also not sure if this is the last bit of leaks coming from the Nintendo company. As mentioned, there were quite a few leaks over the past year so I’m sure Nintendo is looking to make things a bit more secure on their end when 2021 rolls around. That’s not the only company that had been hit with leaks and hacks. Ubisoft found their Watch Dogs Legion source code leaked online along with Capcom finding not only their upcoming project titles surfacing online but an early Resident Evil Village development build as well. 

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