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New Pokemon Snap Hard Won Happiness Request Guide

Here’s how to complete the Hard Won Happiness request in New Pokemon Snap.

Hard Won Happiness is a request in New Pokemon Snap that can only be completed in Florio Nature Park (Night). While it doesn’t seem to matter which rank you attempt the request at, we completed it at research level three.

The Hard Won Happiness request is specifically tied to Pidgeot, who you must befriend in order to mark this task as complete. While there are several steps in this interaction chain, it’s actually quite an easy request to tackle once you know what to do.

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Fortunately, we’ve completed Hard Won Happiness and put together a handy guide so you can do the same. Here’s how to complete Hard Won Happiness in New Pokemon Snap. If you need help with any other elements of the game, be sure to also check out and bookmark our New Pokemon Snap complete guide and walkthrough.

New Pokemon Snap: How To Complete Hard Won Happiness

Hard Won Happiness only requires a few simple steps, which makes it a fairly reliable way of getting a four star photo of Pidgeot even after you complete the request. As a result, we’re going to break down each and every one of these steps in detail so that you know exactly what you’re doing as soon as you start your run through Florio Nature Park.

Here are the steps for completing the Hard Won Happiness request in New Pokemon Snap:

  • Load into Florio Nature Park (Night). Again, we did this on research level three, although it could potentially work at all research levels.
  • When you spawn into the map, you should see Pidgeot on your right. It will land next to the sleeping Bouffalant before you get to the stone bridge leading to the forest with Murkrow.
  • Feed Pidgeot a fluffruit. Make sure you see it eat the fluffruit, as you can’t complete the request without this step.
  • Once Pidgeot has eaten the fluffruit, continue through the level. About halfway through, as you approach the Bidoof dam and get to where Grookey, Shaymin, and Pichu hang out during the day, you should see Pidgeot on your left. Just keep your eye on the left hand side of the middle section with the lake and you won’t miss it.
  • Feed it another fluffruit. Again, make sure it actually eats it.
  • When you get to the meadows at the end of the level, a very happy Pidgeot will swoop down to greet you. When it walks up to you and smiles, snap a photo for a four star shot that will complete the request. It’s also worth throwing an Illumina orb at Pidgeot for those extra points.

And that’s it. Provided you complete all of the above steps, Hard Won Happiness is actually one of New Pokemon Snap’s easier requests. Just make sure you submit the correct photo to Professor Mirror, as the request won’t be marked as complete unless he sees it.

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