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New PS5 Update Alerts Players They Are Playing PS4 Game Versions

2020 was quite the hyped-up year for the video game industry. However, no one could have predicted that we would be enduring a worldwide health pandemic outbreak. While we’re still dealing with this virus and several video game development studios ended up delaying their 2020 launches for 2021, both Microsoft and Sony were able to deliver their next-generation consoles. Still, there are plenty of consumers out there that are having a difficult time acquiring these platforms.

If you managed to put down a pre-order for the PlayStation 5 or was just lucky enough to grab a unit when they came in stock, you’ll find that the PlayStation 5 now has a new update. This update may have seemed to be a bit of an oversight on Sony’s part, but now players will get a warning screen when they select a PlayStation 4 version of a video game.

The PlayStation 5 has several video game titles that are enhanced compared to the PlayStation 4 platform. As a result, players will want to dive into the enhanced versions of the video game in order to enjoy the best possible experience. However, you might be playing the PlayStation 4 version of the game by mistake. That’s where this new update comes in handy as you’ll find the PlayStation 5 will include a pop-up alert now when selecting games that have an enhanced version.

This pop-up alert will tell players that they have selected the PlayStation 4 version of the video game title. You are then prompted to continue playing this version of the game, or you can have the console platform make the switch to the PlayStation 5 version of the game. It’s a useful alert and one that will save players some headaches on wondering if they are playing the correct version or not.

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