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New Resident Evil Village Showcase Set For This Month

Resident Evil has been a fan favorite survival horror video game franchise for years and over those years we’ve seen new mainline installments, spin-offs along remakes. There’s no shortage of Resident Evil video game titles to enjoy but later this year we are going to get the next installment following after the events of Resident Evil 7

This game is said to take place a few years after Ethan manages to escape the mad Baker family. However, just when Ethan feels comfortable again, Chris Redfield storms in and leaves him in pieces. Now Ethan is on a new journey in hopes of finding Chris and getting answers. Now, this journey will take Ethan to a mysterious village that looks to be distraught with new enemies and creatures lurking about. Just as before, we’re also going to see Resident Evil Village take on the first-person setup, 

We’ve seen just snippets of this game so far but it was subjected to a hack not long ago which presented a developer build online. From there we got a look at some models used for the game but outside of that, we’re waiting for the finer details to be revealed. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait much longer as the game will soon receive a new showcase this month.

Announced through the official Resident Evil Twitter account, a new Resident Evil Village showcase will be set on January 21, 2021, at 2:00 PM Pacific. It’s through this new showcase that we’ll get more information on the game along with gameplay footage and a new trailer. 

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