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New World Developers Temporarily Reduces Housing Taxes By 90%

Taxes are standard in the real world. We all have to pay our share, but apparently, the same can be said for video games. In virtual worlds, some games have some in-game taxes for players to take care of. One of those games is a new bigger hit for the PC platform. New World is an MMORPG by Amazon, and it’s had some immense popularity. Unfortunately, with the number of players jumping online to enjoy the game came many exploits and bugs.

One of those exploits has proven to be quite problematic within the game. Players were able to uncover just how to duplicate items. This isn’t just based around one particular set of items either. Instead, these are any items that can be found within the game, including gold. That made things incredibly out of whack in the game. Players were taking this exploit and duplicating all kinds of rare items in the game or building up tons of gold to spend.

As a result, Amazon has been temporarily shutting and reopening up the trading posts. The problem here is that when the trading posts were shut down, the housing taxes made it tough for players to pay. It’s been a long road so far to balance out the economic woes for New World, especially since the game has just once again shut down the trading posts. Luckily, the developers are making a conscious decision to help those with housing taxes.

In the game, players will find that their housing taxes has been dropped by 90%. However, this is not a permanent cut in the housing taxes either. Instead, players will find that the game has made the housing taxes cut until the December update releases. Hopefully, by then, the game will have all the exploits taken care of and will again allow players to use the trading posts. For those who have not picked up New World or are on the fence, we might be able to help. Embedded above is our Before You Buy video coverage which will give you our impressions of the game at its launch.


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