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Nintendo EGLX Giveaway – Goliath

“We launched EGLX in 2015 with a very simple mandate; to unite gamers everywhere,” says Jason Lepine, Manager of Operations at Enthusiast Gaming Inc., EGLX’s parent company. “The response has been overwhelming, and we look forward to making this year’s event bigger and better in every way possible.”

This year, EGLX features a series of highlights and entertainment, that ensure to engage everyone, such as: a VR HubNerf Battle ArenaMinecraft Building ContestRetro ArcadeKid Zone, and an Artist’s Alley. A full event schedule is available here.

EGLX also aims to inform gamers of up-to-date advancements on videogame technology, offering an interactive experience, through an array of features offered at the event. Some of the gaming experiences all attendees should expect to enjoy at EGLX 2018:

  • Gaming on the Go – Portable consoles first became popular in 1989, when both the Nintendo Game Boy and Atari Lynx launched original handheld devices for gamers to play “on-the-go”. Jumping forward into 2018, users should expect to see more hybrid console designs, extensive mobile gaming apps, and development into location-based gaming. One trend that stands to have huge impact within the industry is Augmented Reality, which allows users to incorporate aspects of the real world into an active-gaming environment. Augmented reality is what creates an interactive gaming world in Pokémon Go, and will soon be featured in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.
  • Virtual Reality– Creating an immersive experience for users, virtual reality games use advanced technology to place players into simulated environments. Offering striking visuals and auditory feedback, virtual reality tech allows users to pick-up on sensory cues that elevate the gaming experience. Though virtual reality has been in development for years, the overall accessibility of its technology will make headway in 2018. New virtual reality café’s are popping up in the GTA and you can demo the latest games at EGLX’s expanded Virtual Reality Zone.
  • Indie Development– Powerful narrative arcs combined with inventive character design will prove to be extremely popular in 2018 thanks to Indie developers. Indie content is affordable and becoming incredibly accessible, making it appealing to large numbers within the gaming community. Expect to see imaginative indie titles such as Super Meat Boy Forever and Indivisible gaining buzz in 2018. Curious about upcoming Canadian independent developers? EGLX 2018 will feature an open Indie Corner where gamers can demo uniquely crafted games and speak directly with industry members.
  • ESports Evolution– Esports, where members of the gaming community participate in organized competitive events, is the fastest growing trend on the horizon for 2018. Gaining international acclaim, Statista, projects the Esports industry will be worth $1.5 billion by 2020. Enthusiast Gaming Inc. and will invite thousands of competitors for a lineup of energized live videogame tournaments during EGLX 2018. Spotlighted competitive events include Smash Bros., CS:GO, Halo 5, Hearthstone and Street Fighter V.

Doors will open at 12pm on Friday, March 9th.  The Expo runs until 6pm on Sunday, March 11th at The International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario.  Single admission, weekend passes and family passes are available online and at the door.

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