e3 2021 36

Nintendo Switch BIG NEWS! Huge E3 2021 Schedule + My Plans & New Switch RPG CONFIMRED For The West!

Nintendo Switch just got a major RPG confirmed for release this year, E3 2021 official show dates + times, in addition to my streaming schedule.
#NintendoSwitch #Switch #E32021


‘New school RPG’ Monark launches October 14 in Japan for PS5, PS4, and Switch; developed by Lancarse [Update]

Overwatch to implement cross-play

Nintendo comments on Switch version 12.0.3 update issues


0:00 E3 2021 Official Schedule + What I’ll be streaming!

7:30 Overwatch Crossplay Incoming!

9:56 New RPG Confirmed for Switch, PS5 and PS4!

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nathan pyle
3 months ago

Sup oj

This is Sam
3 months ago

Thank God E3 is almost here so I can finally unsubscribe from this dude and his mostly clickbait videos

3 months ago

I'm so excited for E3 but… REALLY? Sony is not making a showing? smh.
Missing the mark again Sony. Anyway, I'm here for Nintendo, Square-Enix, Capcom and Bandai Namco! Let's GOOO! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

3 months ago

I'm going to watch Square Enix, the PC Games Show, and the Nintendo Direct.

Quentin Pollard
3 months ago


3 months ago

there won't be any kind of switch pro announcement at E3.

people are idiot's for expecting it'll happen.

mariokart MADMAN
3 months ago

Is it just me or Monark looks AWESOME!?

Ry H
3 months ago

Nintendo the main event for me but I'll be checking the major ones out of curiosity. Just Dance is guaranteed to be there but maybe we see the next Mario & Rabbids game from Ubisoft. Square Enix for any new Final Fantasy related announcements and Capcom for a potential reveal of that Switch RE game. Shame that Sony have shied away from doing an event but I'm interested to see what Bethesda and Microsoft have cooking. With the way things are going I kinda expect more acquisition announcements.

3 months ago

Gonna keep an eye on Monark. If this is developed by old SMT and Persona staff…its sure to be of quality. Least I hope so.

Matthew Coughlin
3 months ago

All I want for e3 is Aaron Rodgers on the broncos

3 months ago

I've never been more excited for Nintendo at E3, God I hope I won't be disappointed.

Dani Patac
3 months ago

Monark looks really sweet (the main characters portraits look beautiful, I believe is made by the guy who did the portraits for Overlord!πŸ‘€)
I need to see more of that gameplay thoπŸ§πŸ‘€

Dylan Winter
3 months ago

Monark is available for preorder from the nisamerica online store

3 months ago

Super excited for Monark. Can't wait for more info, and I'm definitely copping that special edition

3 months ago

Not sure at all about monark.
Colors look bleak, characters aren't really grabbing my eyes, gameplay looks meh so far.
I'll keep a lookout for now

3 months ago

Those poor switch players are gonna get shredded playing at 30fps β˜ οΈπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

steven riggins
3 months ago

Monark looks cool ngl will keep my eye on it

Willie Bivens III
3 months ago

Really excited to see what's shown at E3 this year.

Thodoros Neoxoritis
3 months ago

No offense but dont expect anything good outside Nintendo 1st party titles and maybe some titles that Nintendo pays 3rd parties to be released.

3 months ago

What looks cool about Monark is how it has a strategy gameplay element along with the dark fantasy esthethic, combined with the overworld social aspect makes Monark a game that will be exciting to release. Dope video OJ.

3 months ago

monarch looks sweet

charles breece
3 months ago


3 months ago

Dope vid king!

Weston Meyer
3 months ago

NIS America is publishing it for an early 2022 release in the west.

Hopefully this doesn’t get swallowed up by Legends Arceus and Triangle Strategy.

3 months ago

Monark was picked up by NIS America

Steven Dotto
3 months ago

Oh hell yeah! Monark looks so good can’t wait to see more of that game

ezua rose
3 months ago

Super excited for Nintendo and square

sajidul islam barbhuyan
3 months ago

You talk too much. The same thing in different ways. We want up to date news but also in a more streamlined way.

bLiZmO 81
3 months ago

Ubisoft is like your Grandmother you have to keep showing how to use technology πŸ˜‚

3 months ago

Fingers cross that the E3 Direct 2021 can pull off a hell of a show

3 months ago

Do you not get fed up making essentially the same clickbait video over and over again?

Arturo Solano
3 months ago

Monark gives me a Caligula Effect overdose vibe…e3 is around the corner I trully cant wait for it.

horse mango phillips III
3 months ago

OJ, going up to E3 with you is a ton of fun. Pls keep the content going mate!

Netabare kun
3 months ago

I am only interested in Square Enix, capcom and of course nintendo!
Hopefully anything about monolith soft is announced

Matt Clark
3 months ago

fingers crossed for Breath of the Wild 2 release date, Super Switch (Switch Pro), Elden Ring, and a new Splinter Cell game and something on God of War Ragnorok.

The Ostrich
3 months ago

Metroid Prime 4 trailer in 5 days πŸ”₯πŸ”₯. Last time we saw anything of Metroid Prime 4, I was still a virgin (and I still am), but thats a different story.