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Oculus Announces Air Link, New Infinite Office Features & 120Hz Support For Upcoming Quest Software Update

The Oculus Air Link feature will allow wireless gameplay via a WiFi connection.

The Oculus Quest v28 software update is on its way with some awesome new features to be added to the Quest Platform.

As is usually the case with such updates, the roll-out will be gradual. So while all of the following features are definitely in the pipelines, you will probably not see them all at once when you next pop on your Quest 2 headset.

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Oculus Quest 2
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Here are the big updates coming with Oculus Quest v28:

  • Play PC VR games wirelessly using Oculus Air Link. Oculus Link has been a thing since 2019, allowing players to access Oculus Rift’s extensive video game library on the Quest via a gaming PC and a compatible cable. However, Oculus has been working on implementing streaming technology called the Oculus Air Link, which will let you play PC VR games wirelessly on the Quest 2 using WiFi. It will be available in Experimental Mode on the Quest 2 soon.

  • 120Hz support for smoother gameplay. Developers will soon be able to release apps on the Oculus Store that run at 120Hz, and players can toggle the 120Hz option in the Experimental panel to experience supported applications at higher frame rates.

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oculus wireless VR
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New Infinite Office features are on the way, which will make working in VR feel more productive and flexible. These two new Infinite Office features will be added soon:

  • Bring your own desk into VR. This feature will let you place a virtual desk on your real furniture, so you can see it and use it as a separate seated area wherein you can access work tools like Browser.
  • Pair your physical keyboard with your Quest 2. Thanks to this feature, you can pair a Logitech K830 keyboard to the Quest 2 and see a 3D representation of your hands and keyboard within the VR Home environment.

There’s no exact date mentioned for when these features will start rolling out, but Oculus assures us that “they’ll be on their way soon.”

Source: Oculus

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