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Outriders Complete Guide – Builds, Tips, Tricks, and Help

A complete guide for Outriders players looking for strategies, guides, builds, and much much more.

Despite being published by Square Enix, the makers of Final FantasyOutriders is truly is in a category of its own. The co-op RPG has already been successful as a demo for months now, so when the game debuted on April 1st, 2021, fans of the genre knew what to expect.

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The game is complex, rewarding those who go in with clear heads and gameplans and punishing those who do not. Nothing is worse than realizing a critical piece of gear was sold like scrap earlier in the game or that the mission objective is on the opposite end of the Enoch. Those serious about succeeding in Outriders should continue to check these links. The latest information about the game and tips and tricks from the pros will help players beat out even the worst Anomaly Storm.

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Setup & Technical Information

Outriders Coming Down From The Steps In The Opening Cinematic

Of course, nobody is going anywhere if the game won’t install or if it keeps crashing. Get on top of any unexpected glitches by getting fresh information from the community about bugs, crashes, workarounds, and installations. If there is a question about how to get the game to run smoothly, the answers will be right here.


Tech Info

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Beginner’s Tips

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Getting thrust into the unforgiving world of Enoch is hard on the character but it’s even harder on the player. There isn’t exactly a ton of neon lights to guide the way or modern amenities to provide luxurious rest stops along the way. Take some advice from the community; it’s best to cut down on unwelcome and unexpected surprises ahead of time.

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Outriders Standing Together From The Opening Cinematic

When playing a community game, there is always a sense of competition, both friendly and unfriendly. Everybody wants to be the best player they can be, but only so many individuals will be recognized as valuable assets to their teams. How does one become the best of best or merely stand out with so many great players? The answer to that is all right here.

Class Guides

Missions And Achievements

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News & Opinions

Outriders Opening Scene Before The Pod Is Launched To Enoch

Being a good player in Outriders is important, but it’s an entirely different thing to be called a fan. True fans don’t stop at reading the patch notes, they get into the minds of the developers and journalists who surround the game, pick up on a feel for its direction, and connect with the community. Those looking for all of the noteworthy stories and hottest takes will find them here.



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