PC wins Golden Joystick Award for ‘Ultimate Hardware of All Time,’ accepted by Gabe Newell

It’s good to remind ourselves now and then that video gaming of any form has only been around for about 50 years. The explosion of home electronics over the past half-century has featured some amazing platforms along the way, from the Atari VCS and Colecovision through the NES, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo Switch. But one towers above them all as the Ultimate Hardware of All Time, revealed during today’s Golden Joystick Awards as the venerable, immortal PC.

The other platforms in the top five—the PlayStation, PS4, Super NES, and PlayStation 2—are all worthy contenders, but let’s face it, the PC both predates and outpaces them all. Considering the PC as a single, unified unit is a bit of a cheat, yes, because contemporary PCs have about as much in common with IBM’s revolutionary machine from 1982 as they do with a table lamp, but the basic, essential nature of the experience—I have a keyboard, I have a monitor, I have a big, flashing box that does magic—is a common thread of heritage runs from then to now, tying it all together.

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