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PlayStation 5 Demo Station Shows Console Overheating

2020 has been quite the anticipated year for the video game industry. We knew that this would be the year that both the Microsoft and Sony next-generation video game console platforms would be released into the market. While no one could have predicted that the world would be enduring a health pandemic outbreak, it looks like both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 will be available for purchase this month.

In fact, the consoles are already being some hot ticket items online with pre-orders. Japan’s market has already completely sold out of pre-orders for the PlayStation 5. However, we’re just now getting a look at the next-generation consoles being demoed at different Best Buy locations. These retailers usually have kiosks with video game consoles in order to allow consumers to try the platforms out. While we’re uncertain if these kiosks have any means for players to try the games out, they are being showcased for consumers.

Most kiosks have these units locked inside a case to prevent any theft. As a result, nothing looked out of the ordinary for the PlayStation 5 kiosk, but it’s proven that there are some design flaws. The enclosed case is too small with no ventilation. This is causing the PlayStation 5 to emit heat out but there’s no airflow to allow the heat to escape. As you can imagine, this is a worst-case scenario for these consoles and likely not going to be a problem for home use.

With that said, an image has surfaced online of a PlayStation 5 error message stating that the console is too hot. We imagine that there are going to be adjustments made to the various kiosks, but at the moment, this might be alarming information for consumers who may not piece together the entire situation for the console. At the end of the day, this is just a reminder of how airflow and ventilation are crucial. 

Source: Gamesradar, Twitter [1][2]

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