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PlayStation 5 Designer Reveals The Console Was Actually Going To Be Larger

The PlayStation 5 is coming out this month and fans are itching to get the next Sony console iteration. However, when the console was unveiled, there were a few notable differences, but the biggest would be the overall design. It’s a drastic change from previous models and it’s all thanks to Yujin Morisawa, the designer behind the console. Recently the designer spoke with The Washington Post where he talked about the formation of the PlayStation 5 and his input on the product.

For the most part, video game consoles had the usual rectangle shape. There are some occasions where that’s not the case, but for the most part, these consoles don’t draw too much attention and can fit right into your entertainment stand. Oftentimes, these consoles will be bulky and over time there will be slim models crafted up and released. However, I don’t think any of us could have expected just how massive these next-generation video game console platforms are.

Both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 are big consoles but in Xbox Series X defense, the design is still offering that rectangle type of shape which can be a bit easier to hide in your entertainment stand if needed. However, the PlayStation 5 is a rather uniquely shaped console that has taken the internet by storm when it was unveiled. Fans were quick to offer some of their own insights on just how the console looked. With that said, it’s still a massive product and it’s going to take up some real estate on your media entertainment stand. 

According to Yujin, Sony wanted to do something beyond what they’ve done before, and when he crafted up the design, it was done with a focus around the hardware. This console was going to be powerful and before Yujin even had any insight on how the engineers were even pulling off this console, he began to design the platform out with the idea of releasing heat and providing airflow. 

Now it looks like the PlayStation 5 was originally supposed to be even larger. The console platform itself was bigger in drawing but when the engineers took a look at his work, they even were surprised by how large the console was going to be and reassured that the platform could be drawn a bit smaller.

“I didn’t know what to expect in the beginning. I knew it was going to be larger because I know how much power there was going to be, so I knew how much air flow you would need and how much space for a heat sink. In the beginning, when I started drawing, it was much larger even though I didn’t know what engineering was going to do. It’s kind of funny that engineering actually told me it’s too big. So, I actually had to shrink it down a little bit from the first drawing.”

While the console was shrunk down, it seems that in order to get enough airflow and provide a means for the heat to escape, the platform had to be a larger size. We’re certainly interested in seeing if the console shrinks down any further with a slim model.

Source: The Washington Post

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