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PT Initially Was Available For PlayStation 5 Transfer

The Silent Hill franchise is massive and one that has gained a following worldwide. This is a psychological survival horror title that had fans craving more from Konami. Fortunately, the internal group behind this series, Team Silent, managed to make four games into the series for players to enjoy before Konami disbanded the team and allowed the IP to be handled under various western development studios. Ultimately, the games released were below par to the amount of detail and attention Team Silent put into this franchise.

For fans, it’s been a long road waiting for that next incredible Silent Hill game, but right now the IP has been dormant. Konami hasn’t put much effort into the series and to some, the final nail in the coffin for Silent Hill was the now-canceled Silent Hills video game under Hideo Kojima. Kojima is a worldwide famed developer who had been developing games, most notably the Metal Gear franchise, under Konami. However, it was rumored that he had an interest in bringing out a Silent Hill game.

Before the game was unveiled and confirmed to be in development, a small indie horror demo popped up online called PT. This was a PlayStation 4 exclusive where players went through a psychological horror experience online. However, at the end of the demo, we learned that PT stood for a playable teaser and it was meant to be a demo to announce Silent Hills.

Silent Hills never came to fruition due to the Hideo Kojima and Konami split. While the game was canceled, players that had a copy on the PlayStation 4 could continue to enjoy it. In fact, there were plenty of fan remakes posted online to showcase what could have been the next thrilling Silent Hill installment. Unfortunately, it was reported prior to the PlayStation 5 release that PT would not be available to transfer over onto the PlayStation 5.

That was what Konami had reported, but a reviewer for Gamesradar had noted that they were able to bring PT over onto the PlayStation 5 initially. While testing purposes ultimately caused the game to be deleted, the reviewer noticed that PT was no longer available to transfer over onto the PlayStation 5. It looks like PT could be transferred but something is preventing the game from making any moves onto the next-generation platform.

Source: Gamesradar

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