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Resident Evil Set Photo Leaks Showing Resident Evil 2 Connection

Resident Evil is a massive franchise. After getting its start on the PlayStation as a survival horror game, it’s spanned not only video games but comics, animated films, and even live-action cinematic blockbuster adaptations. However, the latter of the bunch is pretty loose in terms of being an adaptation as the storyline didn’t match up with the video games other than a few notable characters and of course the undead outbreak. 

At any rate, that series of films has come to an end and it’s actually pretty surprising to see that the IP is getting picked back up for another blockbuster movie. This time around, it looks like the focus is to make a more direct adaptation to the video games. We of course don’t know too much about the movie other than the small bits of pieces that come out regarding the production and cast. However, it looks like some set photos are making its way online.

The new film is being done in Canada and like any big production, locals and fans may attempt to get a peek at the action. One of the fans actually managed to get a look at some exterior locations around the town. According to one image that has popped up, it looks like this movie will have some locations featured in the video game. In particular, there is one location that has popped up online which the Emmy’s Diner.

This dinner is found in Resident Evil 2 although we have no way of knowing if this is just an image showing the diner exterior for the film as an Easter Egg or a more staple location that we’ll be venturing inside as well. At any rate, it seems that the film will be keeping closer ties to the location and buildings from the video games. For now, we’ll have to wait and see just how this film holds up and get our first look into the new movie adaptation when the trailer is released.

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