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Resident Evil Village Already Has a Thomas the Tank Engine Mod

There’s an axiom somewhere in the annals of gaming law that states that no matter how serious or scary a game, it can only enjoy a brief span of time before silly mods come along and puncture the atmosphere. This time, the game is Resident Evil Village, and the mod in question puts in our old friend, Thomas the Tank Engine. And this must be a new record because the mod is out before the game’s even been released.

The mod in question, created by Crazy Potato, can be found on NexusMods, and it’s called “Count Theodora.” It replaces Lady Dimitrescu — a.k.a. Tall Vampire Lady — with the train engine in question. Well, sort of. It replaces her face with Thomas’s because no modder in their right mind is going to replace Tall Vampire Lady in her entirety. Note that, to use this mod, you also need two separate mods, including one that replaces Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters with the lady herself.

This isn’t the only mod that’s been made for the Village demo — there are several others on NexusMods already. One lets you play as Cassandra, one of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters, instead of player character Ethan Winters. Another replaces the suits of armor with statues of Lady D. I have the feeling that most mods for this game are going to be centered around Tall Vampire Lady.

Still, it’s far from the strangest mod I’ve ever seen. It’s not even the first … or second … or third time I’ve seen an in-game enemy replaced with Thomas the Tank Engine. I think the most disturbing mod I’ve seen so far for Village is one created by Marcos RC, who made a mod for their Patreon patrons that replaces the in-game enemies with Barney the Dinosaur.

Source: PC Gamer

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