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Resident Evil Village Fans Are Anticipating DLC Announcement This Month

The Resident Evil franchise has been an iconic one over the years. This is also a game credited to be one of the leading IPs for the survival horror genre. With that said, the latest installment has already been available for quite a while this year. Resident Evil Village was a successful installment, but fans knew that DLC would be coming for this game. While we don’t have any details about what the DLC will entail, it does look like fans are expecting some updates this month.

Capcom unveiled after the launch of Resident Evil Village that there would be DLC coming. However, the announcement didn’t come with anything else other than that. That might have been frustrating for some players wondering just what this DLC would entail, such as a new storyline expansion. However, Capcom did recently post a new page on their Japanese website portal. The page is offering fans a heads up on announcements planned throughout this month. One of those announcements may be details on the upcoming Resident Evil Village DLC.

There are a total of nine announcements planned around Resident Evil. Two of which have been unveiled. Those being sweepstakes for Resident Evil merch along with the release date for Resident Evil 4 VR. However, there are still plenty of slots left to be revealed, with the last few likely being more notable. After that, Capcom could be nearly ready to officially unveil the DLC and give fans a look at what’s to come.

Again, we don’t know just what the DLC will be about, but in Resident Evil 7, there was DLC that put players into the role of Chris Redfield. That could be another case for Resident Evil Village since Chris Redfield was around as well. Although there are other characters that fans might be interested in playing, even some enemies to see their origin story. All we can do is speculate and see what the coming days bring for this survival horror franchise.


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